Changing the way we work with you

Manufacturing a prefabricated beam section under factory controlled conditions - saving you time on-site

Times are changing in the construction industry. Skills shortages are leading to new ways of working, project timescales are being squeezed and pressure on costs continues only to rise.

New techniques, new materials and new legislation have always brought about change - and BRC remains perfectly placed to help you meet these challenges. But this requires a new way of thinking, a new approach to the way our companies work together.

A partnership that pays dividends

You already know BRC. We are, after all, the largest manufacturer of steel reinforcement and associated products in the UK. It’s quite probable that you already use us for your mesh and cut & bent bar requirements.

But did you know that you can also ask us to bring our design expertise to the table? By involving us in a project early enough, we can help you to utilise the reinforcement in the most efficient way possible.

We call this service Reinforcement Solutions.

Reinforcement solutions

Your business is construction; ours is reinforcement. Between us, by getting together earlier and taking an intelligent, engineering-based approach to the detailing of steel reinforcement, we can cut steel laying time, reduce manpower requirements and accelerate the construction programme - saving you time and money.

If you prefer, think of it as an expert ‘design’ service - at no extra charge. But it’s actually far more than that. It’s also a range of innovative products - the result of major investment in our manufacturing systems - all designed to bring new efficiencies to your operation.