Spinnaker Tower

Spinnaker TowerThe Spinnaker Tower is the new iconic sculpture on the South Coast adding a new and prestigious international landmark to the region. As the focal point of the regeneration of the Portsmouth waterfront it soars 170 metres high above the historic dockyard, and is the tallest public viewing tower in the UK.

The £35 million structure is constructed upon a 3metre thick pile cap set on eighty four 1 metre square piles driven deep into the sea bed. The backbone and strength of the tower are the two inclined concrete reinforced slip formed hexagonal shafts both 6 metres across which merge to a single shaft at a height of 70 metres. This is then topped at 125 metres height by a composite needle like spire rising above the three public viewing platforms. Containing over 3000 tonnes of BRC supplied reinforcement within the concrete sections of the structure the tower finished in 2005 has a design life of 80 years.

Design: HGP Architects and engineering consultants Scott Wilson

Main Contractor: Carillion