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Investment in specialist equipment set to transform standard fabric market

As we're all aware, fabric is generally available only in a limited range of wire diameters, pitches and sheet sizes, forcing designers to over-specify in order to achieve cross-sectional area requirements. Similarly, the use of standard 4.8 by 2.8 metre sheets all too often requires additional manual handling, lapping and on-site cutting, all of which lead to increased site labour costs.

But BRC predicts that these problems could soon become a thing of the past. Following substantial investment in new equipment, we can now provide custom-engineered mesh with sheet sizes tailored to specific bay layouts, along with mesh manufactured to suit the specific steel requirements of almost any design.

"We've played a leading role in the design of bar reinforcement and welded wire mesh for nearly a century," says Marketing Director. "As the construction market has evolved and new construction techniques and materials have been introduced, we've constantly evolved to meet new challenges. Now, with the introduction of our 'reinforcement solutions' service, we remain perfectly placed to help consulting engineers and contractors alike solve today's problems of skills shortages, squeezed project time-scales and increased cost pressures."

Bearing out these claims, an independent study of 20 construction projects - carried out over the last two years by leading consulting engineers C.D. Gray & Associates, Cardiff - concludes that custom-engineered mesh can offer significant time savings on-site compared with the use of standard "A" type fabric.

The introduction of custom-engineered mesh is just one of many services offered by BRC - from 'design' detailing, through carpet, prefabricated, and shear reinforcement, to safe site delivery via a specially developed mesh grab system. "Our aim is to provide far more than just steel reinforcement," he continues. "By becoming involved in a project early, we can work hand-in-hand with consulting engineers and contractors, helping them to utilise reinforcement in the most efficient way possible."

The benefits of this approach are quite clear: adopting an engineering-based approach to the detailing of steel reinforcement can help cut steel laying time, reduce man-power requirements and accelerate construction programmes - all helping to save time and money.

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