Custom-engineered mesh

Custom-engineered meshMesh generally comes in a limited range of wire diameters, pitches and sheet sizes, forcing designers to over-specify in order to achieve the cross sectional area requirements. Similarly, the use of standard 2.4 x 4.8m sheets usually means additional manual handling, lapping and on-site cutting, creating unnecessary site labour costs.

The perfect solution of course would be steel reinforcement that meets the required cross sectional area of the design in a project-specific sheet size - no more, no less. So that’s precisely what we’ll deliver.

A custom-engineered mesh solution can deliver reduced fixing times and attractive savings, whether through optimised steel reinforcement design, project-specific sheet sizes or reduced on-site handling and cutting. During the last two years, C. D. Gray & Associates, a leading firm of consulting engineers based in Cardiff, carried out an independent study of 20 construction projects. Their report concludes that custom-engineered mesh offers significant time savings on site compared with the use of standard “A” type fabric.

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